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Hitler and Friedrich Nietzsche

Ricky Gervais on Hitler misinterpreting Nietzsche


by IdontKnowMan

submitted November 27th 2011

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That's the most narcissistic backdrop I've ever seen.
7 years ago
my room has a portrait of Bono on the wall
7 years ago
Why am I not surprised. I have Alfred E. Neuman above my bed.
7 years ago
if you're serious, then what this thread needs is a third person like us.

DRUMRAVE YOU FAGGOT, do you have a drawing of mighty mouse on the shelf?
7 years ago
i have a picture of goku from dragon ball Z showing me the thumbs up and saying "have a great day"
7 years ago
the problem with nietsche is that he had no coherent ideology in his writing. he was more about testing possible paths of thought and so he was partially contradictory. that's why nazis could pick and grossly misinterpret passages. it's the same way with all the leftist postmodern french theory. basically nietzsche was a child of his time and is one of the roots of almost anything that was thought in the last 100 years... the nietzsche equals nazi shortcut is definitely bunk...
7 years ago
Wow...you're quite an intelligent little fucker, aren't you?^^
6 years ago
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