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something fishy about that "Destroy" picture

so I zoomed and enhanced to a certain part of the photo and found something creepy


by drumrave

submitted November 27th 2011

what do you think? let everyone know!
something fishy about that
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needs more Bonoface.
7 years ago
7 years ago
What is this? =/
7 years ago
We forgot to tell you - during your absence, drumrave surpassed you in photoshop skill.
7 years ago
Coming from a panel of experts like bobo, drum and zeke, it must be true.

Zeke, could you show *me* how to pretend to spend all day slaving over images with an auto-mosaic program?
7 years ago
And bobo, I know your default setting is "cunt", but what I meant was what is the creature. I thought it was a ginger root until I saw the tag.
7 years ago
Are you missing the blatant sarcasm?
Try making a mosaic, and let me know that shit goes.
7 years ago
gollum aka smeagle from lord of the rings
7 years ago
I guess the one way to get under Claude's skin is to insult the one thing he has.
7 years ago
and to be fair yak agrees
7 years ago
Wait... Did claude actually miss that post?

7 years ago
ewww... a ginger gollum!
7 years ago
Smurf at the upper right hand corner..
7 years ago
You appear to have me confused with something small and blue.

Stop it.
7 years ago
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