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Owl Boy

Snappin' necks and cashin' checks.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted November 26th 2011

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My guess is that he can blow himself. No homo.
7 years ago
I can. It's called Autofellatio.


No homo.
7 years ago
a. Nobody asked for an explanation.
b. Homo applies to you
c. Fuck you.
d. Smerf hates you.
7 years ago
a. I gave you one.
b. Homo applies to YOU
c. Fuck you.
d. I hate you.
7 years ago
...I don't hate you
7 years ago
My guess would be you got your ass kicked a lot as a kid.
7 years ago
Not even once. :/
7 years ago
Captain, d. is incorrect.

I've have to actually have to give a shit about bono in order to hate him.
7 years ago
thats not true at all.. i hate most people yet i dont give a shit about them...
maybe its a unique talent i possess...
7 years ago
we call it "modturity"
7 years ago
"Concert tour." Translation: "Freak show."
7 years ago
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