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The History of English

In ten minutes.


by Rolandofgilead

submitted November 24th 2011

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100% accurate
7 years ago
i wish they didn't do the history of english in ten minutes for every chapter
7 years ago
but how will us stupid americans with our short attention span know what theyre talking about again?
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
yeah, sorry roland - i did it a month or so ago...
but it was back when there still wasnt any tagging option, yet - plus my title gave no clue towards content, plus it's a cool vid...

7 years ago
Call 'em out loud and proud! I don't search shit and just rely on my memory most times.


7 years ago
Loud'N'Proud was a highly underrated Nazareth album
7 years ago
Very interesting.
7 years ago
Cool video but wheres the dead guys and full frontal nudity?
7 years ago
bla bla bla what a lot of rubish...but for now have a good day still and wake up healthy in the FUCKING MORNING RIGHT!!!!!!!
bye for NOW.
7 years ago
too bad the video is marked as fuckin private.

fuckin losers
7 years ago
just watch my version then
7 years ago
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