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My Favorite Star Trek Episode.


by SteeLxLiver

submitted November 23rd 2011

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"reading rainbow..."
7 years ago
i like this
7 years ago
Fuck you, Jordi! You faggot.
7 years ago
Someone go find the one where they start off killing wesley and picard ends up fucking dr crusher. I saw it 15 years ago.
7 years ago
go do it yourself , you idle shite
7 years ago
im pretty sure that doesnt exist , did you imagine it ?
7 years ago
there are hundreds of these remixes, ive seen many of them on a star trek channel on jtv. gotta be about a dozen where they kill wesley and a few with scenes from the naked now episode where everybody gets "drunk" and start fucking each other. thats the one where beverly is shaking her ass back and forth and gives me a woody
7 years ago
This one starts out with them phaserig weseley's shuttlecraft.
It has a stardate that is like 30 digits long.
The crusher scene is mixed with a porn scene.
7 years ago
And also it's from like 15 years ago, much rarer back then.
7 years ago
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