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Thai life insurance commercial

w/ Dead island music!


by whirlingdurbish

submitted November 20th 2011

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They have a lot of rage there.
7 years ago
Alright! I'm going...oh...sorry. I thought it said 'rape.'
7 years ago
LOL noticed the subtitles are gone....

The dad is a deaf-mute, the other people are making fun of her because of it.
7 years ago
Ohh the end ones work!
7 years ago
well thank jeebus for that
7 years ago
the subtitles were Youtube annotations.

7 years ago
fuckin debbie downer overhere
7 years ago
should have used a gun. now she will be branded a failure.
7 years ago
where did you find this version?
7 years ago
...... youtube :(
7 years ago
I'm glad she lived so she can become a whore for tourists.
7 years ago
So she tried to commit suicide because of the shame of having a deaf father, so the dad gives her his blood, now he is dead. Asians heads are just wired different.
6 years ago
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