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Kip Up Fail

Video taken from epicfail.com from which a gif was submitted


by Worry

submitted November 20th 2011

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lol he's crying
6 years ago
okay, seeing how worry's been around for 6 years and this is his 1st sub - plus the fact that it's funny...upvote
6 years ago
I'm honored. But to be fair, for four of those years I couldn't log in to the site. Read it fine, but couldn't log in. then for a year and a half, I couldn't FIND the site, until a few months ago I stumbled back onto it by accident.
6 years ago
ya MS was MIA for what, 13 months?...(counts fingers and toes)
6 years ago
I love MS
6 years ago
^MS sucks, but less so than pretty much anyplace else
6 years ago
*there's yer fucking t-shirt slogan, yak
6 years ago
said nicely by the great Oz himself,the Spammer of Oz.Dont you have any other lot in life but to sit here and run your comment count to 12449358459 ?
6 years ago
i dont even know wtf is going on here...
what do you think possum... just a straight up I <3 MS?
i kinda like that idea myself
but for 4 years not being able to log in then a year and a half NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND IT?
6 years ago
I dig the I love MS with the middle finger on the back
6 years ago
What if you replaced the <3 with a goatse?

I :O: MS

Maybe not..
6 years ago
I dont know why I couldn't log in. I would hit the login button and it would load the main page without logging me into the site. As for not being able to find it, welllll, I probably could have had I been assed enough to try. I really missed the site while it was down. I was happy to be able to find it again.
6 years ago
Awwwwww, don't you just wanna hold this guy in your arms and protect him from the big bag world?
* Barret comforts Worry. 'There there, its ok now....its ok.' *
6 years ago
ΞOΞ at least make it look like a goatse...
6 years ago
...and reply fail... :-(
6 years ago
Hehe :D

Where the hell is that symbol anyway? Must be this Scandinavian keyboard.
6 years ago
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