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Japanese Zelda Commercial.

Queso's post reminded me of this.

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by SteeLxLiver

submitted November 20th 2011

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so freaking awesome
6 years ago
Der dah dah der dada
6 years ago
this is better than most superbowl commercials
6 years ago
Does anyone else hear "blow jobs!" at 00:20?
6 years ago
Yeah, that's what I hear too.
6 years ago
Zelda FTW!
6 years ago
She changed a fair bit since her terrahawks days
6 years ago
I think nearly eight years is long enough for the repost to be forgiven.
6 years ago
I know zelda has always been a bitch but why didn't they cast at least a male for Link in this commercial... Not that I am complaining about the girl on girl.
6 years ago
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