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We're all the Elephant


Chuckle now bitch, but when that Elephant catches you, you wont be smiling.


by falloutvertigo

submitted November 16th 2011

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We're all the Elephant
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quite curious as to why the elephants shadow is completely different from her shadow considering they are both being lit by the sun.............
oh.. and the horrible blur tool on the arm :(
6 years ago
Oh it's shopped to fuck but I just like the image.
6 years ago
I was wondering why a woman and an elephant are running down a beach, but yet there aren't any foot prints either?
6 years ago
to yak the elephant is fat is thicker than the girl so his shadow is darker....
and the no foot prints is cuz the waves keep washing them away...
pang suck it
6 years ago
ok i know its wrong but if it was true
6 years ago
yea.......... thats why the trunk is the same darkness.............................................
6 years ago
k she dosent have a soul thats why
6 years ago
if this is retro where is the bush?
6 years ago
She took his peanut.
6 years ago
im more like a tiger...
in the bed at least
6 years ago
nearly extinct?
6 years ago
Unable to reproduce?

Thank god.
5 years ago
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