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adventure time

good show


by russell35

submitted November 16th 2011

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This is the best kids' show in the last 5 years.
6 years ago
i like it too but i also have to add in flapjack chowder and regular show is also in that mix.
6 years ago
I got burnt out on regular show...I have at and rs dvr'd and its all my daughter watches...nonstop.....nonstop....at least its not yo gabba gabba
6 years ago
my son loves that show(gabba gabba)ill be at work and have one of the songs stuck in my head all day
6 years ago
no, this show is fucking retarded, just like sponge bob and all the fucking tard shows they have made from that mold
6 years ago
Don't worry willy...they will have another season of teen mom soon...
6 years ago
The spot the video freezed on for the preview kinda ruins the funny part
6 years ago
Kids will be kids
6 years ago
better with acid
6 years ago
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