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Asics run with ryan

think you can keep up with an elite marathon runner for 60 ft? Ryan Hall runs an incredible average of 12-13mph throughout a marathon


by drumrave

submitted November 14th 2011

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dear god! sub 5 minute miles? pretty fucking awesome, ands then for a whole marathon? dude is fucking insane.
7 years ago
I think I read he did the boston marathon in 2h12m
7 years ago
any ghana nigger can do this from birth... its not a real feat except for whites cause they suck at running.
7 years ago
7 years ago
get the rope!
7 years ago
It's only because of the Lions and Tigers and Bears
oh my, run nigga run
7 years ago
This video proves they don't really run fast, they just cheat and start early.
7 years ago
a 7' stride is definitely a real feat. In those 60ft he only needs to make ~8.5 strides. That is ridiculous and the average human won't come close. It would take nearly double the strides to cover the same distance. Also, try running on a treadmill at 10mph for a minute
7 years ago
I like it when morph says nigger
7 years ago
im cool like that.
7 years ago
Chick at the end was hot.

Also, you are never gonna beat the guy from a dead stop.
7 years ago
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