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i bet you dident know that


by dieyoung

submitted November 9th 2011

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yup i knew that...i've read the thing a few times
...my fav bible foreskin story goes something like this:

the jews march up to a city
city sez whatchu want?
jews say "if you dont all get circumcized we will kill you!"
city sez "okay, gimme a minute here"
(every guy in city gets foreskin chopped off)
"hey jews! we okay now?"
...jews then think - hmm, bet those dudes arent in fighting shape now...hmmm...

(city invaded, bleeding penis dudes all kilt)
7 years ago
That is my entire understanding of the bible.
7 years ago
for someone that dosent like religion i have read it it sucks
7 years ago
What's that book about Jesus as a kid where he was an agro little shit?
7 years ago
The Apocrypha...
7 years ago
ummm...Look Who's Talking, The Novel ?
7 years ago
Jesus was provoked and said unto him "Thou shalt not finish thy course." And immediately he fell down and died.
--Infancy Gospel of Thomas, chapter 4, verse 1
The Apocrypha
7 years ago
gospel of Thomas sucked balls...
gospel of Mary and gospel of Judas ftw
7 years ago
And yay, xzekiel spoke unto the possum, and said "thy needeth refresh"
7 years ago
* possum sniffs armpits, checks for sneaky Mr Brady *
7 years ago
and yay, neither was xzekiel refreshed, and suckled upon his footeth
7 years ago
jew politics....
7 years ago
And the Lord proclaims henceforth, that though shall salt and cure this curious flesh, and call it's name Canadian Bacon, and thou shalt revel in thine victory whilst dining on pizza until the end of time. Amen.
7 years ago
7 years ago
"""canadian""" bacon is nothing like foreskin ;/
7 years ago

It's fucking ham!
7 years ago
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