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Mexican P.A.W.S

may be a little difficult to watch


by thecandiru

submitted November 9th 2011

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I had a dog that looked like the golden brown one next to the shag carpet. it was a dumb son of a bitch
7 years ago
just a few men working?
7 years ago
terrible! at least they do it more humanely than the gooks...
7 years ago
I can sit through pretty much anything but this was actually pretty hard to watch all the way through.
7 years ago
so they are just disposing unwanted dogs? whats so difficult about watching this? its not like they are smashing them in the head with rocks.
7 years ago
I couldn't do that job. If they were injured or rabid or viscious I could, but not to healthy friendly dogs.
7 years ago
I have a soft spot for some animals. Show me a mexican getting his head chainsawed off and I don't care.

Show me this and I'm inconsolably upset.
7 years ago
This isn't hard to watch in comparison to some of the sick shit that is posted
6 years ago
Nope not watching
5 years ago
5 years ago
too soon :(
5 years ago
These aren't Mexicans, they are from Chile, South American savages. LOL
5 years ago
Yeah, Mexicans are way more civilized.
5 years ago
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