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Go after their kicker! Footbal cheapshot.

Play from a few years ago. Sorry for the long lead-in. Note the announcer at the end.


by JamesTKirk

submitted November 7th 2011

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"But I kick that ball
And I pray it goes straight
If it does
The coach says "Good job, number 8"
He doesn't even know my name is
Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr.
But that's the life I live
The Lonesome Kicker"

I'd post the original vid with Bettis on sax but I can't find it.
7 years ago
haha David akers is one of the greatest kickers of all time. its a shame we let him go last year.
7 years ago
sav rocca however sucks ass.
7 years ago
the announcer is Ike Reese he has a radio show hes a pretty good guy i me him a few times he even bought me a beer.
7 years ago
Ah, I love how he suggests to go after the Ravens kickers. True ghetto right there.
7 years ago
Oh shit, Morph you're an Eagles fan? Bears Eagles tomorrow night!!!!
7 years ago
the cobras are the baddest ass team ever
7 years ago
eagles lost... that bears D was just too much.
7 years ago
7 years ago
srs James. Instead of going after the faggot ass pussy who hit the kicker. Dude, don't punish someone else for his crime. Break the legs of the asshole who took the cheap shot.
7 years ago
I'd have no problem watching football if all the announcers were like that guy.
7 years ago
faggot ass Raisins....
7 years ago
You pay 40,000+ for a hit like that now
7 years ago
Fuck this fagball shit being on Mucho! Not Mucho worthy at all,flush this turd!

7 years ago
there's no purpose in dumping it after it's been featured...
7 years ago
Hey toxie, you fucking cunt, why don't you submit something and see if I think it is much worthy or not. A 4 year user here and nothing but a stretched rectum to show, good job. Fuck off.
7 years ago
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