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The Walken Dead

It's a virus..........we're all.........................doomed.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted November 6th 2011

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Funny, should be shorter though.
6 years ago
Yeah, I got the joke after the first 20 seconds.
6 years ago
hey Bono, where you been?
6 years ago
I keep taking shits in Hart Park bathroom stalls, hoping Urkel will get curious enough to go check.
6 years ago
^ takes up all my time.
6 years ago
Some of this movies scenes were made in run down largely abandoned areas of Atlanta Ga.
6 years ago
lol!! Bono hates your guts, dude.
2 years ago
it's kinda like you hating Duhg. haha
2 years ago
I dislike that redneck faggot, as well.
2 years ago
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