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Jaws Cat

Yak posted trololo cat already, so i had to settle for 2nd best. JAWS CAT!


by whirlingdurbish

submitted November 6th 2011

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awesome... but youtube....
dilemmas dilemmas..
6 years ago
i shall cancel my own vote by not voting
6 years ago
y yu no like yutube?
6 years ago
because there is nothing more fucking annoying than clicking on a video on here and having it say 'video has been deleted' after its been featured.
6 years ago
which is why folks should download, rather than link
6 years ago
6 years ago
then why even have the ability to link vids if you HATe it yak? i mean seriously youre god.. just disable the ability to link form youtube or some shit.

jesus i think you just like to complain!
6 years ago
Isn't that why mucho should download, rather than link? I'm unsure why this functionality isn't built into the site backend...
6 years ago
i really do like to complain... the reason i gave the ability is to make it easier for people to do... however it allows some people to post things that they wouldnt normally be smart enough to do.. thats the issue really.. besides the main feature for putting in the url is to get actual video files off of sites FAST if you know what you are doing....
that way you dont even have to download the video you can just give the url to the file itself and it will download and process for you in the background.. taking literally seconds to post a video rather than downloading then uploading (which takes awhile to upload based on your upload speed)
the reason i put the 'youtube' option in there is because thats what most idiots post from, however when i post things i don't... i post from other sites, say collegehumor for example or break or whatever, you can put in the video url you get from downloadhelper into that url box and it will post it to mucho VERY fast
no need to upload
6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
Freemake video converter has browser integration which makes it handy for DLing videos. Decent converter too.
6 years ago
6 years ago
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