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He doesn't want parking service to take his car

At least he got to keep his car


by Lars

submitted November 6th 2011

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fucking serbians, anyhoo
7 years ago
actually they aren't that bad a people
7 years ago
and btw - yay Lars!...after 7 years you finally say (umm...sub) something!
7 years ago
he was in chat earllier
7 years ago
still is...my bad
7 years ago
He is definitely a Scandahovian.
7 years ago
he's automatically okay in my book then!

...just like elchris and plants
7 years ago
not used to the lingo, sorry
7 years ago
it's okay...nether am i
7 years ago
good video, though :)
7 years ago
why would they strap it up while hes in the car?!?! wtf is that shit.
7 years ago
probably he jumped in his car when they were pulling it up
7 years ago
I'm on his side. Don't care much for tow truck guys. We used to park a car at a business that'd have cars towed for using their parking, one would hide in the floorboard, then haul ass as the tow truck pulled up.
6 years ago
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