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Traces of Death - Part 2 of 3


Includes: Car crash Victims, Male to Female sex change operation, failed shotgun suicide attempt and Bud Dwyer Suicide.


by falloutvertigo

submitted November 3rd 2011

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"I got hit in the balls. Needless to say, I never attempted this stunt again."
7 years ago
And i was just getting into that baby surgery.
7 years ago
I'll up the second part today and you can enjoy the baby skull drilling :)
7 years ago
I'm really surprised this got a positive reaction...

This is the shit I started out on as a kid...

So for me this shit is repostesque...
7 years ago
bud dwyer suicide is such a classic
7 years ago
It was a big thing in the 80's for a bunch of kids to rent these videos and watch together. Used to give me nightmares. Now it's like, meh.
6 years ago
can someone explain what was going on at the end of the video?
6 years ago
6 years ago
"someone call the doctor!" XD
6 years ago
"Someone call the ambulance and a doctor and the police" I'm sure with a handful of experienced surgeons, the could piece together the fragments of brain matter spewing from his nostrils...
6 years ago
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