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Traces of Death - Part 1 of 3


From my personal DVD collection - Includes: Live pig flamethrower torture, Human autopsy + brain removal and various clips.


by falloutvertigo

submitted November 3rd 2011

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poor piggies! :*(
7 years ago
i guess that dog didnt like negros
7 years ago
so if I take all the gore I've found and add a creepy music track and an annoying narrator I could sell it as a movie?
7 years ago
yeah i dont get the whole piggy roasted alive thing.
7 years ago
me neither
7 years ago
not much bothered me but tha pig thing did. I don't understand what the hell that achieved.
7 years ago
well obviously they wanted some fried bacon
7 years ago
what the fuck did you think was gonna happen if you climb into a pen of POLAR BEARS
7 years ago
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