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I Wanna Hold Your Hand....


by cheekycov

submitted October 31st 2011

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand....
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A womb with a view.
7 years ago
Is it just me or does that arm look rather long and slender for a human baby?
7 years ago
This was that story which i cant be bummed to find. Basically the baby was gonna be born with bendy-wobble back syndrome, they could tell from the scans. So doctor opened the mother up, went in womb and fixed baby was low chance of success. After he fixed baby.. its arm reached out and grasped the doctors finger in a way of saying "thank you".

Stitched mother back up and the baby was born all healthy.
7 years ago
so technical, how do you do it??
6 years ago
What's up with all of this baby mutilation in shit now?
6 years ago
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