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Dudes love Bieber too

This dude shows his love for Bieber..and his thigh tattoo of Bibers' face, and claims that Bieber doesn't give his "dude" fans enough recognition. LOL........ Hipster FAIL.


by Hannibal

submitted October 29th 2011

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Not Muchoworthy? O, come now. This pansy calls himself the Bearded Belieber. How can something this failworthy NOT be Muchoworthy??
7 years ago
I just don't like hipster douchefags.
7 years ago
Where do i sigh up for this Bieber dude fan coalition...
7 years ago
Dunno. Try contacting the Bearded Belieber. He probably knows.
7 years ago
Not sure if trolling...
7 years ago
No trolling. I saw this on some forum and am just reposting it.
7 years ago
he probably wasnt trolling on the other website either.....
7 years ago
just stupid
7 years ago
I don't mind Beiber
7 years ago
Upvoted because this guy is a fucking loser. Who tattoos Justin Bieber to their leg, seriously?
7 years ago
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