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Very lucky guy


He was shot in the neck and the bullet came out in the middle of his forehead.


by Get_on_up

submitted October 28th 2011

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i think it was a classic failed suicide... when will people learn under your chin wont work. you just blow holes in your face and survive!
7 years ago
Actually, under the chin works well, but you have to be sure to get behind the soft-spot or it'll just ricochet. It's better to just shove it in the roof of your mouth and Dwyer it.
7 years ago
Go for it and lead by example!
7 years ago
when I were in the millitary I was trained to be the medic of my group. I had to learn some shit and hear stories from other medics. one of them said that he were send to help a man who were shot from point blank range in the read. but the bullet were diverded by his skull and only gave him an headage. no matter wath direction you get shot from, you cant know where the bullet goes. they can twist and shit. whick make me think that this vid can be real.
7 years ago
English isn't your first language, is it?
7 years ago
no, I am a dane. I speak 3 languages. you can't expect me to get them all right.
7 years ago
could use spell check....
7 years ago
haha, just got my internet back. I was drunk when I wrote the message.being drunk and having a few spell errors in a foreign language gotta be cool. And I am drunk right now too.
7 years ago
He doesn't look lucky to me.
7 years ago
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