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Don't tase me bro

I would just like to say Fuck the gators


by osamayourmamma

submitted October 25th 2011

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they are unlawfully taking him.. fucking bull shit country
7 years ago
he was asked to leave, resisted being escorted out. got tazed for not cooperating. how is this unlawful?
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
I said old, not repost...which saves me from having to look
7 years ago
you kidding me? this video was on here 2 seconds after it hit the interweb.
7 years ago
what a fuckin douchebag, i could go find 7 year old videos, repost them and probably only 2 people would have the mental capacity to remember them

but that doesnt make this video or my hypothetical videos any less reposts, or you any less of a reposting cunt
7 years ago
I think Kojach definitely has my vote for the biggest piece of shit on this website.
7 years ago
Don't point out other people's shittyness, noobfaggot.
7 years ago
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