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Occupy LA

Was sent out today to cover the Occupy LA movement. The moment i saw this guy i figured he was about do something stupid.BTW I dont think this is going to fix the economy.


by meatforlife

submitted October 24th 2011

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so instead of a protest, la turns it into an outdoor rave? makes sense :/
7 years ago
any excuse to party.
7 years ago
You've pretty much summed up the whole event. Out of all the people i talked to the few that were sober enough to give a decent account of the events had no idea what they were even doing there.
7 years ago
does it surprise anyone?
can you take anything anyone of these shitbirds says seriously?
the herd needs thinning..good place to start
7 years ago
Give it time, they'll get their shit together.
7 years ago
In LA? No they wont.
7 years ago
A revolution led by jobless, pot smoking, dubstepping idiots is no revolution at all.
7 years ago
no but it is laughable though is it not?
7 years ago
The guy at 0.11 on the right hand side seams more interesting.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Yeah he was balancing a water bottle on his head and pulling on what looked like two long dreads. You know, economy saving stuff.
7 years ago
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