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Which mucho user is this?

Probably a repost... did a search for walmart and found a picture of lucid.


by Pudding

submitted October 23rd 2011

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Which mucho user is this?
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7 years ago
He looks like he might just be a retard. No joke. There was a dude I used to know who was 30 something and acted like a 5 year old. His mother always used to let him ride his tricycle around town and go to the store, although I wouldn't if I were her. He had a seizure at the gas station once and his mother came and picked him up. She told the manager of the store not to call an ambulance because she couldn't afford it as they didn't have insurance. Sad story. Terrible mother.
7 years ago
True story as well.
7 years ago
Finish the story... why did you dump him?
7 years ago
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