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Bad beat

Worst beat I've seen...


by QuickandSloppy

submitted October 22nd 2011

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World Series of Poker and Poker After Dark are the dumbest fucking shows. That said, this is pretty nuts.
7 years ago
I don't particularly like playing it let alone watching it.
7 years ago
That's not a bad beat.
7 years ago
exactly, it was a bad beat before the guy with the best hand when the money went in caught up
7 years ago
not as bad as the dude who had quad aces and was beat by the royal flush with ray romano at the table
7 years ago
that is some maverick shit right there
7 years ago
Either way, I'm always the one walking out without any money.
7 years ago
more like bad play... what the fucking fuck is daniel calling for... and its not really a bad beat so much as it is revenge :P
he fucked the guy and the best starting hand won... big woop
7 years ago
super suckout
6 years ago
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