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Giant Monster Slipper

This guy ordered some monster feet slippers and asked for one of them to be a size 14.5 (UK) as he has one foot larger than the other. When the company's Chinese factory got the order they misinterpreted it as 1450 and he got this back. It's going on eBay soon.


by falloutvertigo

submitted October 20th 2011

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Giant Monster Slipper
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Why would you put that on ebay? Looks like a sweet bed!
7 years ago
I'd buy the fuck out of it! Think of the chicks that would dig that.
7 years ago
Yeah that sounds like a fucking true story...
7 years ago
I highly doubt the validity of that story based on these theories:
1.) Who the fuck is that dumb to believe someone needs a shoe this big? Chinese people are smart, thats why America owes them our first born children pretty much.
2.) I'm sure this guy didn't just get this at his front door in a crate and didn't have to pay the shipping on it.
3.) I'm also sure that he didn't have to pay the markup on the cost of manufacturing this shoe
4.) Case in point, there is no such thing as a free meal
7 years ago
I'd send it back, they don't match and have the same number of toes.
7 years ago
well.. you cant see the other claw cuz of the angle
7 years ago
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