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$200000 Phone Bill

FOR A DEAF GUY!!! Roaming charges suck huh fuckers??


by yak

submitted October 19th 2011

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HA! this takes the cake...and i thought not having a texting plan was expensive...
7 years ago
the funny part of it is how its 200grand.. then they nicely take it down.. and they can take it down to 2000?? and STILL are ok with it?
yea... nothing fishy there at all
7 years ago
and this is why i am with virgin mobile. T-mobile are a bunch of money grubbing bastards
7 years ago
*ahem* At&t now
7 years ago
Who the fuck vacations in Canada?
7 years ago
* yak points at jamestkirk *

7 years ago
That's because he was banned from Disneyworld.
7 years ago
i heard some parts of canada are nice .
7 years ago
Whistler is nice.
6 years ago
See, this is why my dad looked into his roaming while traveling outside of the US.
6 years ago
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