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The Banker (Robin Hood Tax)

Campaign video by Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy, about the Robin Hood Tax, a tiny tax on bank transactions that could raise hundreds of billions for public services and to tackle poverty and climate change at home and around the world. http://robinhoodtax.org/


by yak

submitted October 18th 2011

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Bill Nighy is the fucking man.
7 years ago
now if only we can push shit like this through.....
7 years ago
this is one of the things that i believe canada proposed at the g20 summit to help save the world economy...
7 years ago
Gordon Brown suggested it. It's America who is dragging its feet over the issue, 'cause it would have to be done globally to be fair. The EU is still looking at it though.
7 years ago
...the banks would still just pass it on to consumers eventually though in the form of increased fees elsewhere.
7 years ago
Yep, if you think crooked government squeezing crooked banks for cash is anything more than highly evolved money laundering, you're high. And yeah, the banks will just pass the "savings" onto the proles who patronize them.

And it will help with climate change?? Maybe that's why the climate changed so much on Earth before there were people here, not enough money was changing hands... makes perfect sense.
7 years ago
fucking scientists and their widely accepted theories on global warming.
7 years ago
uh there is no such fucking thing as global warming
climate change yes... but climate change has been going on forever.. and will continue to go on forever
7 years ago
so lets throw money at it
6 years ago
I like the idea of throwing money at me.

Cash money.
6 years ago
im totally convinced such a tax could save the world... fact!
7 years ago
i dont know about save the world.. but it could really make a big difference i think.. now its just a matter of forcing it down the big banks throats without them just jacking up fees to cover it or some bullshit
7 years ago
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