by fabsjr420

submitted October 15th 2011

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Nice tits.
7 years ago
no hips at all though : /
7 years ago
mucho needs more POV rape
7 years ago
next time one of you worthless degenerates gets plastered and decides to rape the next girl that rejects you be sure to wear a helmet cam
7 years ago
remember, its not rape unless you make eye contact. i wanna see her soul being violated and permanently scared
7 years ago
I've also heard it's not rape if you yell surprise.
6 years ago
Notice I took off my wedding ring, that's a sure way of getting caught.
7 years ago
Incidentally, this is how the Amish do it too (Just replace the flashlight with an oil lamp).
7 years ago
and the recording equipement ?
7 months ago
recover password
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