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In Soviet Russia, X5 hits you!

The video isn't that great. I just wanted to use that title 'cause it's exactly what happened.


by El_Wanko

submitted October 13th 2011

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It occurs to me if someone ever fucks you over on the road and tries to give you the blame, it's good enough to just point at your car and say it's all on camera. Or beat them to fucking death with a tire iron.
7 years ago
Naw, naw. Just pick up the bumper, and smack'em with it. That'll usually do the trick. Of course....then you've gotta worry about being pegged in the showers.
7 years ago

lol i love how they start yelling at him then hes like 'dashcam fags' then theyre like =/ i bet she said the russian equivalent of 'gay'
7 years ago
I bet she had some repairs to get done and thought she could go through insurance if she got rear ended.
7 years ago
All she had to do was ask
7 years ago
The dash cam,it's not just for pigs anymore
7 years ago
Fuck the po-lice, I know their tricks!
7 years ago
your right wanko, this video isn't great, its not even here
2 years ago
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