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Crying hippy

Fucking pussy


by Sporty

submitted October 13th 2011

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Is that the guy from hackers?
6 years ago
hes a warrior
6 years ago
looks like that horrible ginger who rides a plank down some snow and people think hes fucking awesome for it

crazy person, except for the part about them not being americans, jews can fuck off if they want to be israeli
6 years ago
I see this as the problem with all of you, to much brain involved and thinking you have the answer when you can't do shit but feel like you can. Shut The Fuck Up and have fun rather than worrying about you neighbor and what he's doing wrong.
6 years ago
I always enjoy your submissions, Sporty
6 years ago
6 years ago
Thank you beautiful!

quiet down yak!
6 years ago
I never suspected yak to be the cock blocker
6 years ago
He boils my piss, it makes me rage with hatred for hippies. I'm assuming this was at Wall St. where nearly all of the parents work probably. Go listen to some Donovan.
6 years ago
somebody pissed in his cheerios.
6 years ago
If Rocky Dennis wasn't swollen in the face.
4 years ago
Liberal faggot-fucking pole-smoker........
4 years ago
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