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Grandma dancing like a boss

Shake it mama!


by Sporty

submitted October 12th 2011

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What the fuck? Why is my mother-in-law getting down like she is on Soul Train?
7 years ago
granny got skillz ! Id hit it !
7 years ago
Shes in shape
7 years ago
Damn asians.. after that hit 32 they age 100 times faster.
7 years ago
That's why Hank's on dope.
7 years ago
thats only the poor ones, excluding most of japan and 0.1% of china
7 years ago
Funny part about it, she's not that far off from the dougie
7 years ago
Grandma met Grandpa dancing in 'Gentleman" Clubs in WWI
7 years ago
Did... Did someone use a camera to record a flash video?
6 years ago