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Mate... you have a hole in your head


by Get_on_up

submitted October 10th 2011

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victim of skull fucking.
7 years ago
I did a search.... never would of guessed eye-spy thou
7 years ago
never woulda thought to search eye? hmmmmm
7 years ago
since he is 'missing' a eye no i didn't
7 years ago
welcome to the way people title things around here. What to find someone missing limbs search for the missing limbs, (e.g. no arms? probably titled lend a hand, or something to do with arms/hands)
7 years ago
7 years ago
ok drum will do... p.s I was pretty sure this would be a re-post as its old
7 years ago
<- here's my secret. I hardly search for reposts, unless I have something old. If I can't find it between 3 different terms (searches) I go ahead and submit it
7 years ago
The coolest part is how optimistic the guy is. He's got a giant fucking hole in his face but he could seemingly care less.
7 years ago
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