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progressive tax brackets are socialism

according to Milton Friedman. Interview from "The One Percent"


by drumrave

submitted October 9th 2011

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Never argue with a Jew about money.
7 years ago
protip: taxes period are socialism

its fucking sad so many people fail out of polsci101 and dont understand the difference between socialism and communism, especially considering literally everything they tried to teach me in that class i had already learned in 5th grade
7 years ago
most americans think that socialism = communism
or at least VERY close to communism... easily on the slippery slope to communism...
although america might be better off as communist at the moment.. at least everyone would have a job ;/
7 years ago
communism in theory = Utopia.....in theory :(
7 years ago
protip: this dude won the nobel prize for his trickle down economics
7 years ago
Yak, if America goes Communist, guess who the next Czechoslovakia is?
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
Well since Czechoslovakia split, Belgium could try to be next. But you know what ? It looks like we're going to have a government after all.
7 years ago
He's just telling it how it is.
7 years ago
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