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Take That Punk!

Point blank range cop testing his crowd control gun techniques on a random dude


by TheFunk

submitted October 7th 2011

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repost for sure. but im not lookin for it. its gotta be at least 2 years old.

that guy did get owned though.
7 years ago
Searched under 'Police' and 'Cop' but there are so many Mucho cop/police posts though, it didn't jump out at me. I apologise if it is,
7 years ago
Try "riot"

However, this is the video, not a.gif.
7 years ago
Good for you, Officer Poncherello.
7 years ago
its amusing that people think just because its on video its a big A-HA moment.
No one cares about you.stfu
7 years ago
The guy ran up to a cop and pushed him, so the cop responds with non lethal force. Lucky that guy isn't sitting in a mexican prison. That would have been worse then just getting shot at.
7 years ago
or that american kid who decided to hop out of his friends car and give the police officer the double bird and got beat down nightstick style for it
7 years ago
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