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Unicorns are for Gangstas



by Heather

submitted October 7th 2011

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thank god for the mute button
7 years ago
gunny pics tho
7 years ago
Lookin' ass nigga was better.
7 years ago
This is horrible.... almost as bad as you not posting your tits.
7 years ago
the fuck is this shit?
7 years ago
fucking god awful. how does this have a single upvote
7 years ago
Because Heather posted it.
7 years ago
ty for the additional downvote Bono. oh btw, my friend whos been lurking on here tomorrow is going to make his debut by CRUSHING you and Queso on the pizza roll challenge. hes going for 40 in 2 mins.. good guy, name here is Glitterfartz
7 years ago
*does advance wecome dance for the lameass noob*

...i hate him already...
7 years ago
LOL.. his handle was the result of him losing a bet
7 years ago
Upvote because fuck you Bono.
7 years ago
Strong and consistent morals, as always, Zeke.
7 years ago
4 years ago
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