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Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Short film


by xzekiel

submitted October 6th 2011

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The budget on this was like $200 or something. Pretty impressive special effects...I thought.
6 years ago
too long and way too stupid. downvote
6 years ago
you do understand what "short film" means right?
6 years ago
too long, too stupid. your posts fucking suck lately
6 years ago
well I was going to post a maggot-infested cock, but I thought this was actually kind of enjoyable, even though I hate super-hero shit.
6 years ago
shouldve gone with your first instinct. though given your recent track record its probably a repost
6 years ago
it's not under maggot.......
6 years ago
it had potential.....
6 years ago
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