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my favorite furry.


by -Morph-

submitted October 5th 2011

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ewwww dont like her hands
6 years ago
i think i like her more because of her hands and feet. shes more authentic than just the girl with animal ears kinda thing.
6 years ago
Because you want to fuck an actual animal? *barks and runs*
6 years ago
Do you want me to have the anorexic step daughter draw this for you -Morph-?
6 years ago
Have her draw me fucking this cat.
6 years ago
yes please.
6 years ago
I printed it and I'll see what I can do.
Do you recall her picture of Hanks wife?
She was only 11 when she drew this.
6 years ago
I gave her the picture -Morph-, she said it was a little inapropriate, but she took it and said she'd draw it. Just let me know how you want it?
6 years ago
hos is this inapropreate shs fully covered.. the naughty bits atleast. and this is how she dressed in all the mvc games and darkstalkers.
6 years ago
*awaiting toolmans' anorexic step daughters' post
5 years ago
they got the face wrong
6 years ago
You're a weird fucker.
2 years ago
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