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Soccer vs Football

John Cleese Wisdom


by TheFunk

submitted October 4th 2011

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American football was invented long before television, so his only real point is that it's a stupid name. Fucking Brits.
7 years ago
don't make me link it....
7 years ago
cause like... i searched "football" there it was on the first page... then i searched "cleese" and there it was again....

so don't even come back with the "but i searched and couldn't find it" excuse
7 years ago
I did search under john cleese :) and it not being there made me post it.
7 years ago
Why when i searched john cleese i get only 5 posts, yet the original has the john cleese tag but didn't show?
7 years ago
thats an interesting question, i'll have to look into that it looks like a bug
its probably something to do with something faggoty admin did with some of the tags from back then that i have to fix...
7 years ago
at least i have an asset to test it on to see if it works... i think that when i made it i just assumed it worked cuz it was finding things i was looking for
7 years ago
t's no doubt got something to do with my two word search. I thought that should give all search matches with 'John' and 'Cleese'

Just out of interest is there any search terms that would help pinpoint a search and cut down on multiple results, eg using '+' or 'not' in the search terms?
7 years ago
its actually nothing to do with your two word search.. i think its a problem with my sql syntax... im on windows right now so i have to boot into linux to see exactly WHAT is wrong tho...
7 years ago
ok.. FIXED! :p
it was actually only returning one result for searching in the tags, so multiple things tagged with that weren't showing.. its working now
7 years ago
I think Deja owes someone an apology...
7 years ago
i dont see why :(
7 years ago
Mr. Cleese, I genuinely respect your comic ability and intelligence, so I'm a little surprised you don't know this: sports called football are called that because they are played on foot, as opposed to horses (such as polo)
7 years ago
I agree. It's easy to pick on Americans sometimes bc we can be a bit dimwitted, but there usually is a method to our madness
7 years ago
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