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An unedited clip of a Fox News report

at the Protests in New York


by drumrave

submitted October 4th 2011

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i might take this guy seriously if he wasn't wearing that stupid fucking hat
7 years ago
I have a hat that's pretty cool, would you ever take me serious?
7 years ago
well maybe but probably not
7 years ago
and not if you wore the hat on national tv
7 years ago
so....i assume youre going to quickly post the tv edit, otherwise youre just a stupid douche trying to make fun of fox without any context
7 years ago
I dunno....looks more like the post was illustrating how, even when given the chance to freely state what the protest goals are, a Maher/Moore clone just vents about "Faux" News, conservatives and wascally wepublicans. After all, that long of a casual interview would never make it to air in it's entirety.
7 years ago
So...looking into a scam of the American citizenry of .5 billion dollars is a waste of time...
7 years ago
But...that was "Obama money"...so it had good intentions, and that makes it OK...right?
7 years ago
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