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Alpha Dog Proto Robot

Remember the original from a few years back? This is the upgrade. Watch how it can get back up,


by ClaudeBallz

submitted October 3rd 2011

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didn't the terminator movies teach us anything?
7 years ago
That's a big dog.
7 years ago
I look like this when I'm drunk.
7 years ago
You look like this when IM drunk =O
7 years ago
Doesn't that thing weigh like a ton?
7 years ago
thats kinda cool but if this thing ever humped your leg you would be in traction for a year
7 years ago
Shit like this creeps me out so much
7 years ago
Reminds me of:
7 years ago
So...it can walk. Great. But what should it be good for?
7 years ago
hauling soldiers equipment.
7 years ago
Can it fetch my newspaper? bring me my slippers? No? Fail.
7 years ago
It will carry nukes and sneak across borders. Win for destruction of humankind.
7 years ago
I shall design legs like that........... for the game boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
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