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16 Girls One Cup

I mean, bike.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted October 3rd 2011

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I can do that, I just don't wanna.
6 years ago
Fucking China. A fucking jillion people, about half of which will do just about anything to get three meals a day and a roof over t heir heads.
6 years ago
Yes, damn those bastards for having a fondness for shelter and food.
6 years ago
Yeah they should take an example at Africa !
6 years ago
If I was gonna go out to the provinces and buy a bunch of young girls, I wouldn't turn them into a bicycle team, that's fo sho.
6 years ago
fair enough
6 years ago
This isn't very safe, noone's wearing helmets
6 years ago
This, is a daily commute in China.
6 years ago
Misleading title.
6 years ago
What's wrong, you can't read more than 4 words at a time?
6 years ago
Make another submission so I can downvote it.
6 years ago
FAKE.. I didn't see a cup.
4 years ago
what a non-sub
1 year ago
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