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Samm Scott National yo-yo champ

He's got some slick moves. Also checking out how an HD video comes out


by drumrave

submitted October 2nd 2011

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not sure if the hd is worth the extra time that it takes to export and upload :/
7 years ago
yea i know what you mean... ill set up auto tagging on videos and pictures in the next couple days tho which will make it slightly less needed to do..
7 years ago
ya but... can he walk the dog?
7 years ago
hmm who wins the asian with 2 yoyo-s or this guy who uses a weighted end to completely detach the string from his fingers?
7 years ago
nobody wins in that situation
6 years ago
7 years ago
The hip hop music really intensifies this a whole lot more.
6 years ago
Fuckin' show-off!
6 years ago
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