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Bono your matis is fucking with my dog again....


by CoffeeCan

submitted October 2nd 2011

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hope that pup bites that roach in two
7 years ago
Ta-da-da-da-da-da! Puppy pow-ahh!
7 years ago
oh god - jones?
you're up already?

thank jebus

just btw - (getting you all caught up on the last 12 hours)
diks back...nixon's back....
...and drums wants to make my life into some sort of documentary film

other than that - you havent missed much

7 years ago
I was on a pubcrawl with a bunch of female nurses, can't blame me for not attending mucho. What finally convinced dik to drop by, and is Nix back for good then or will he be leaving right away like the last 3 times he showed up?
7 years ago
...and why wasn't I invited?
7 years ago
Euripides don't take shit.
7 years ago
feet.. their only weakness.
7 years ago
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