by whirlingdurbish

submitted September 30th 2011

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What ?.....
7 years ago
no matter how hard you try you can only get 400.
7 years ago
im pretty sure the first flag only has 1 brick at the top
7 years ago
no theres 2
7 years ago
Upvoted, funny coz it's true.
7 years ago
my fucking god the one thing that annoys me the most is that "LE LELELELELE" fucking bullshit. Everything is Le Le this Le that I don't even speak LE french but that doesn't LE stop me LE FUCKING LE STOP WITH LE LE
7 years ago
it wouldn't be so bad if it didnt come off as the person who made it was a fucking tard... 'the late jump'? fuck off faggot
7 years ago
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