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Introducing the Free Flexor

If you thought the shake weight was gold, well they just raised the bar


by drumrave

submitted September 29th 2011

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I can't tell if this is real..
7 years ago
It has to be fake... these peoples' job titles are listed as shit like "Former Professional Athlete."
7 years ago
this is fucking retarded. you cant get anywhere near a good workout with this shit. yes it might utilize some quick twitch muscle fibers, but not enough to burn fat or build muscle. just because something is difficult, doesnt mean its beneficial
7 years ago
kinda like math.
7 years ago
Looks like a good way to damage and harden your connective tissue to me. It'll work you out alright, but I don't advise anything that increases injury risk.
7 years ago
you obviously dont get it. its supposed to be for toning your arms so you can jack your dick harder
7 years ago
and this is his product. that guy from the big hit
7 years ago
7 years ago
Did he say first dumbell, I don't think so.
7 years ago
how did this one not get featured yet?
6 years ago
Bucky can fit three of these up his ass.
4 months ago