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by fabsjr420

submitted September 29th 2011

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oh sure someone can post a rat in a womans pussy but i cant post an asian woman sucking the enema shit out of a dogs ass then licking his bunghole?


yeah i see why i cant
7 years ago
still bitter?
7 years ago
to be fair.. this is a rat in a jar...
see how different it is when you look at it logically? :P
7 years ago
now.. if it were a chick sucking off a rat... we wouldnt be having this convo.. cuz it would be deleted :P
7 years ago
What if the 'licking bunghole' part was trimmed off? Surely drinking liquid dog shit isn't bestiality...
7 years ago
how would you know it was dog shit then?
see.. that would be fine
7 years ago
i cant be arsed to edit it...
7 years ago
how about i send it to you yak and you can edit it. you dont do shit all day anyway. put your ass to work.

and before you come back with some kind of witty statement... im gonna stfu you.
7 years ago
-Morph- and pooch must be on facebook
7 years ago
You know he smells cheese.
7 years ago
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