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Speech impediments and anal dont mix


I do not condone making fun of these disorders but god damnit this is hilarious.


by L0RD_QU3S0

submitted September 28th 2011

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That bitch is grim...
6 years ago
yea for real
6 years ago
Never look at the camera
6 years ago
Crack damage in more than one way.
6 years ago
Troy Aikman?
6 years ago
brains of a seagull, sagging tits like a baboon, crazy lockjaw and the gag reflex of a middle schooler. yeah she has a prominent future in the porn buisness
6 years ago
the birth of a pornstar is a beautiful thing.
6 years ago
pornstar? i wouldnt go that far. crack whore is more like it.
6 years ago
Sooo, this is how Ben Stiller got his first directing job?
6 years ago
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