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59 Bel air vs 09 Malibu

A quick lesson in automobile safety, just for pooch.


by MrFugsmucker

submitted September 27th 2011

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i see a flaw in this....
7 years ago
that they used a bitch ass bel air? try hitting it with an early model corvair and see how fucked up the malibu dummy gets
7 years ago
shut up faggot
7 years ago
i love watching this kind of stuff
7 years ago
this reminds me of mythbusters, that show is awesome solely because of slowmotion explosions and crashes. i never give two fucks about the outcome of the myths, i just wanna see something go BOOM!
7 years ago
These faggots give themselves a lot of credit where it isn't due. Airbags and seatbelts were not 'invented' or 'improved' by these douches. They were available much before they ever thought.

Also, aren't these the same homos that got caught loading up a GM pickup with explosives and saying they were 'defective'? Or was that Dateline?
7 years ago
its 60 minutes i believe
7 years ago
I loaded up a gm pickup with explosives but it wasn't for a tv show.
7 years ago
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